The Team

Elaine White AKA ‘The Pixel Priest’ is curate at St Mary's Church, Liscard, Wallasey. Elaine has a massive heart for the wonderful people of Wallasey. Why the Pixel Priest? Because she considers herself to be a small spec in God's larger picture. She provides reflections and musings on life and faith on Facebook page @ThePixelPriest.

Jenny McKay AKA ‘The Reverend Vet’ Originally from Belfast, is a veterinarian and also a Church of England curate in a rural Cheshire parish. Jenny enjoys reaching out to those of all faiths and none, and especially helping others to explore their questions of faith in a “down-to earth” way. Animals are an important part of God’s creation, and her faith reflections are usually interspersed with amusing and spiritual animal anecdotes. You can find out more about Jenny’s virtual activities on TheReverendVet Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Peter Cooper AKA ‘The Virtual Vicar’ has an interest in social media and blogging which has developed as part of his work as a Christian preacher and apologist. He is also the vicar of St Luke's, St Mary's and St Paul's Anglican parishes in Wallasey. He broadcasts and blogs as “The Virtual Vicar” giving an informed and opinionated Christian perspective on everything: politics, religion, history, science and culture - nothing is out of bounds. For more see

Alex White AKA ‘The Producer’ is the only true Wallaseyan amongst the team, born in Liscard. Alex has worked in the IT industry for over 25 years before turning his hand to film and media. Streaming is his passion and connecting with people in the community to help them find a voice. 

Mark Polden AKA ‘Sparky Mark’ is an Electrical Engineer by Trade, and has been a Professional Sound & Lighting engineer for the last twenty five years. Mixing sound for many bands & singers, including former members of Squeeze, the Kinks, Spandau Ballet. Mark also founded & built with his Father; a Community Radio station called Flame Christian Radio. This has operated for over twenty years.

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