Limitless TV broadcasting from Wallasey

 We are an online TV broadcaster on YouTube and our own website. We produce our own unique content from our studio and out on the streets in Wallasey. Professionally produces shows with high quality content.

We broadcast shows celebrating the local area and drawing attention to talent, amusing stories and community action groups.    

Wallasey Unleashed was borne out of a vision to provide alternative media TV shows online that focussed on local concerns and celebrated local culture.  We believe that the wonderful people and culture of Wallasey deserves to be unleashed on the world.

Our Key Objectives

  • To be a popular online TV station, engaging with the local community through its diverse and unique range of programming
  • To provide a platform for local charitable organisations, community and volunteer groups.
  • To support local business through affordable and cost effective advertising  through sponsorship
  • To promote local musicians, comedians and other talent
  • To provide local news and information 
  • To provide the community the opportunity to be involved in every area  of our station in particular the disadvantaged and residents from all backgrounds
  • To build people up through faith in God

Our Personality

Full of life

Our Target Audience

  • Living in Wallasey and surrounding area
  • Having and interest in Wallasey
  • General interest in Spirituality, Christianity and good living
  • Our Brand Values
  • Professional high quality shows
  • Proudly local and Informative
  • Stylish. In touch with Wallasey
  • Fresh and Innovative
  • Positive and inspirational. Reflecting the local community in a positive light
  • Confidently Christian.  Reflecting God’s love for everyone

Wallasey Broadcast Centre

Unleashed is broadcast from our Wallasey broadcast centre, using our state of the art multi camera HD studios.

We use a multitude of the latest professional live streaming technologies to reach every corner of the world.

Not only do we broadcast great live local content we are able to bring in live outside-broadcasts from almost anywhere on the planet.

Our bespoke IP audio network can channel microphones, video sound, music and much, much more to any destination in the broadcast centre in pure uncompressed digital. Ensuring Unleashed is joy for your ears as well as your eyes.

It's not just our broadcast centre bringing content to you, we have several remote studio locations able to bring more exciting people and features to the network.

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